Clyde May’s Single Barrel, Special Reserve, Rye with LC May!

Who makes it? Currently sourced for Indiana

Mashbill: Bourbon – 78% corn, 12% rye, and 10% barley

Rye – 95% rye, 5% malted barley

Where it’s from: Bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery

When it Started: 2002 officially but Clyde May has been distilling since 1946

He was unlike a lot of moonshiners in the area, since his reputation was attached to every bottle he produced it had to be of the utmost quality. He never sold a legal bottle of whiskey but in 2002 his son Kenny wanted to bring his father’s whiskey to the market legally and so the journey began. Now, the grandson of Clyde May, LC is the face of the company and even stopped in and shot a video with us giving first hand accounts and everything that goes into making Clyde May’s Whiskey.

The first bottle we taste is the Single Barrel Straight Bourbon 102 proof. It pleases the nose right out of the glass, a few baking notes and sweetness. On the finish, it lets you know you drank something. A little bit of the heat but still goes down smooth. Definitely something to pick up if you can find it. It’ll cost you about $50.

The second bottle is the Straight Bourbon 110 Special Reserve that won double gold at the San Francisco competition. We did more talking that tasting but it did have different profile that the single barrel but has a much bolder aspect to it and this one easier to find. This will run you about $60.

The last bottle was their Straight Rye Whiskey with mint on the nose, finishes of smooth with Erik saying it is different, different. A good rye to add to your whiskey cabinet. This comes in about $40

A solid showing by Clyde May’s and thoroughly enjoyed each bottle, with Kris’ fav leaning toward the 110 special reserve and Erik going for Straight Rye.

New England Barrel with Jax Bourbon Social and Warriors and Whiskey

Who makes it? Green River Distilling

Mashbill: 75% corn, 4% barley, and 21% rye

Where it’s from: Dover, New Hampshire

When it Started: 2020

Mark Saunders turned a hobby into whiskey company. Previously and Enterprise IT salesman covering clients in Kentucky. Avid member of the local bourbon community, selected barrel for groups and liquor stores. Then he bought barrels that were the birth year of his 4 children.

We get to hang with good friends Jax Bourbon Social, Warriors and Whiskey, and Tuesday’s Creations. Andy from Jax Bourbon Social brings the New England bottles including the event pick.

For the single barrel you get honey, vanilla, backing spice and straw. With the addition of ice brings out the sweetness and leather notes. We all agree this one is better with a cube.

The pick is a 7yr, 114 proof pick just for the JBS and it was awesome! On the nose, black licorice, and heat. For the taste it is full body, smooth, green apple, red apple and cinnamon.

The single barrel can be picked up for around $54 while the pick, which is only available from JBS, will run you about $100 and they only have a few bottles left!

New England Barrel Review

A #whiskeykrew review with good friends Jax Bourbon Social and Warriors and Whiskey hosted at Tuesday’s Creations poolside bar. Jax Bourbon Social breaks out the single barrel and then the barrel pick from their event this summer of New England Barrel Company. You’re getting a review from 8 people all at once! Like Andy says, “this is what bourbon is all about, bringing people together”. See what we think, find out more about these two amazing groups and what they do. Such a good time, let us know what you think. Follow all three of these awesome groups.

Clyde May’s Tasting with L.C. May!

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Island Girl Cigar Bar Fleming Island

We’re bringing the taste of Alabama to Florida with Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey! Meet L.C. May as he shares distilling secrets and the legacy of his grandfather – Clyde May!
Get 1 free complimentary signature cocktail and 50% off paired Los Statos, La Gloria Cubana and Diesel cigars with purchase of any Clyde May’s pour or cocktail. Admission is free!
Catered by Pepper’s Cocina
Plus, Live Music from Adam Latiff!

Whiskey on the Rocks

Did you miss our Whiskey on the Rocks event? Well, we finally got around to getting all the footage together along with awesome drone video from Randy Johnson and you can see what you missed! Thanks again to all that made it out and we loved The Backwater Jam comment, “there’s more damn whiskey on this hill than the law will allow, son!” It was a bit sketchy because of Ian but we turned it out with the help of Von Payne WhiskeyManifest DistillingSagamore SpiritGunnar’s BourbonGolden Ox Liquors NormandyHillary’s Chicago PizzamontedeleoncigarsTuesdays CreationsBarrell Craft SpiritsLuca Mariano DistilleryRedneck RivieraLaws Whiskey House for the ultimate post hurricane party!

Whistlepig Sugar Shack Piggyback Bourbon Launch

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Armature Works in Tampa

Headed on a #whiskeyventure to Tampa for the Whistlepig Piggyback Sugar Shack Launch because we are kind of a Pig Deal! They are unveiling their new Piggyback Bourbon (which we were able to sample at our Whistlepig event at Island Girl Cigar Bar with Ingrid). Looking forward to a good time, can’t go wrong if there sampling whiskey, right?

Whistlepig Sugar Shack Piggyback Bourbon Launch & 4th edition 18yr

Went on a #whiskeyventure to Armature Works in Tampa Florida for the Piggyback Bourbon Launch. Only four of these Sugar Shack events are happening throughout the country so we HAD to make it to Tampa! The Shack was serving old fashioneds on one side and bourbon sours on the other both with the Whistlepig Maple Syrup. We were able to get into the Shack and talked to the Whistlepig Rep. Ingrid who gave us a rundown on the Pig and later we caught up with her at the second part of the event at the Barrymore Hotel for the Pig Roast & Bourbon Launch. Kris was able to get a quick interview with Ingrid and she brought the goods, we talked whiskey while sippin’ on the new 4th edition Whistlepig 18 year that is finished in Pedro Ximenez casks for an unbelievable finish! Check out the vid, let us know what you think of this incredible event!

Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series No.2 with Luke

Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series No.2 with JD SBBP and Luke!
We met a fellow whiskey enthusiast at a couple of our events named Luke Gardner. He said he has a few special bottles he’s been holding onto and he’d love to hang and review one of them. Well, Luke brought both and let us choose. Jess Motlow was our choice so we get into a little bit of history of Jess, what he did for Jack Daniel’s and how he arguably had the hardest go of it trying to Jack Daniel’s through prohibition, which he did. Then we get on with the tasting, not a bad pour, went down smooth but dissipated quickly. Kris brought a surprise in the new #whiskeyventure back pack, a bottle of JD Single Barrel Barrel Proof just to see how it would match up.

Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series No.2 w/ Luke!

Who makes it? Jack Daniel’s

Mashbill: 80% corn, 12% barley, and 8% rye

Where it’s from: Lynchburg, Tennessee

When it Started: 2012

We met Luke at a few of our events, being a fellow whiskey enthusiast he offered one of prized bottles for a review. We took him up on it and Luke dropped by with 2 bottles from the Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series. Jess Motlow the second distiller was chosen plus Kris had a surprise in his #whiskeyventure backpack.

A little background, Jack Daniel passed away in 1991 and left the distillery to his two nephews Lem Motlow and Richard Daniel. Lem bought out Richards interest and was more interested in running the company so he put his brother Jess in charge of the distilling. The brothers made it through World War I, Prohibition(being one of the few that a medical license to distill and sell whiskey, and WWII. Lem died in 1947 and his brother Jess retired soon after. The company then went to Lem’s 4 sons that held onto the company for 9 years and then sold it to Brown-Forman for 20 million dollars!

Popping it open, it was easy on the nose. A little heat for Kris with a little sweetness to it. Erik said it didn’t smell like Jack and actually nosed like a good bourbon. On the finish Kris said that for an 86 proof whiskey he could feel the bite but dissipated quickly. Erik thought it was hotter than expected and thought the same that the flavor went away quickly. Luke was pleasantly surprised and found it refreshing. He liked that fact that the finish went away quick because he was ready for another sip faster.

Adding the ice smoothed it out some and brought the sweet flavors, where Erik got a maple flavor and Luke could taste honey. Kris felt it definitely brought the sweetness and could taste a little more of the char.

All in all it was a decent bottle and for 40 bucks but if you check the net you’ll find it all over the price scale. From 60 dollars on up to 400!

Iron Smoke Flash Review with Tiffany at the Jefe Boutique Cigar Event and Carlos from Monte DeLeon

Who makes it? Iron Smoke Distilley

Mashbill: 53% corn, apple wood smoked wheat, barley and just a slap tickle of rye!

Where it’s from: Fairport, NY

When it Started: 2013

We were invited to come down and hang with Monte DeLeon at the Jefe Boutique Cigar, Whiskey and Wine event in Eola Park, Orlando.

Started to rain while we were setting up then a special guest arrived! Tiffany from Iron Smoke Whiskey dropped in, had some bottles so we decided to shoot a flash review on the spot!

The first bottle was one of our favorites the flagship Iron Smoke Bourbon. Always a great pour plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s the highest rated bourbon in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible coming in at 95.5 out of 100. One of the things we like about this is how they smoke their wheat with apple wood for a subtle flavor that really comes through.

Next up was Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Bourbon, WOW does that hit all the right notes with apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and you can almost taste the crust! All natural ingredients, that’s why they call these elixirs and not liqueurs.

Last was something special that Tiffany brought just for us. A new addition to the Rattlesnake Rosie line up, the Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie Bourbon. So dangerous because you don’t taste the alcohol! This would be great in a chocolate martini!

In the end it was a great event, loved hanging out with Monte DeLeon Cigars and huge thanks to Tiffany for stopping by, hanging out and shooting the flash review with us. Love her energy! Can’t wait for the next event!