Little Book No. 5

Who makes it? James B Beam Distillery

Mashbill: unknown but it is a blend of 2yr, 5yr, 15yr Kentucky Straight Bourbon and 3yr 100% malted rye

Where it’s from: Clermont, Kentucky

When it Started: 1795 with Jacob Beam, changed the label to Jim Beam in 1943

Kris’ cousin Jason visits from Atlanta bearing a bottle of Little Book no.5. We find out that Freddie Noe used the nickname is grandad Booker gave him Little Book for this once a year offering. Also, Freddie Noe is an 8th generation distiller and this distillery has been around since the 1795 and of course Jim Beam is one of the pillars of the American whiskey world.

On the nose Kris found sweetness, caramel and an undetermined spice. Erik found earthy spices, an unexplainable bourbon smell and rubbing alcohol. Jason nosed sweet and caramel.

The palate bears no fruits, baking spices and heat for Kris but Erik thought is was deep rye-ee, fruity like Iron Smoke and a hint of banana bread. Jason had a late burn with a drop of cinnamon toast flavor.

Adding ice Erik says she’s a thick lady and prefers the one cube while Kris says it tones down the heat and more of the flavors break through. Jason, who is a cold whiskey fan, found that he could use two more cubes.

Kris gives it a 7

Erik gives it a 7

Jason gives it a 7.5

This once a year offering is usually around the 100-120 dollar mark but as it gets harder to find you know that prices go up and this particular bottle was found at 179.00

The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey

Who makes it? Not sure, some surmise it comes from Cork

Mashbill: barley, malted barley, pure Irish water

Where it’s from: Ireland to Brooklyn

When it Started: in 2019

This time we travel outside the US to Ireland and then back again. Even though this is an Irish whiskey produced in Ireland, it’s for an American brand call The Fighting 69th Regiment Irish Whiskey. Colonel James Tierney wanted a whiskey for his troops. Put out the word and finally Scott Reid stopped by with a Master Blender on hand named Chris Leskowicz. The result is a unique Irish whiskey that deserves your attention.

On the nose Kris could smell apple and honeysuckle. Erik got pears and an interesting spice.

The palate brings in subtle heat, fruit and unbelievably smooth. On the finish more of the fruity apple and pear that has something on it like cardamom, floral tones making you want to go back for another sip.

Adding ice brings out more of the fruity flavors and we agree this is at the top of our Irish whiskey lists.

Kris gives it a 7.5

Erik gives it a 8.5

Coming in at around 35 dollars, well worth picking up.

Clyde May’s Tasting with L.C. May!

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Island Girl Cigar Bar Fleming Island

We’re bringing the taste of Alabama to Florida with Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey! Meet L.C. May as he shares distilling secrets and the legacy of his grandfather – Clyde May!
Get 1 free complimentary signature cocktail and 50% off paired Los Statos, La Gloria Cubana and Diesel cigars with purchase of any Clyde May’s pour or cocktail. Admission is free!
Catered by Pepper’s Cocina
Plus, Live Music from Adam Latiff!

Whistlepig Sugar Shack Piggyback Bourbon Launch

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Armature Works in Tampa

Headed on a #whiskeyventure to Tampa for the Whistlepig Piggyback Sugar Shack Launch because we are kind of a Pig Deal! They are unveiling their new Piggyback Bourbon (which we were able to sample at our Whistlepig event at Island Girl Cigar Bar with Ingrid). Looking forward to a good time, can’t go wrong if there sampling whiskey, right?

Whiskey on the Rocks

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Boogerville Hideout in Green Cove Springs

Our first big tasting event with over 10 distillers to sample from, 3 food trucks, Monte DeLeon Cigars Traveling Cigar Lounge, live music with The Backwater Jam, Cornhole tournament with grand prize, whiskey games and an amazing raffle!
It’s going to be wild, go to our Facebook events page and tell all your whiskey soaked friends that they don’t want to miss this epic event!

Whistlepig/Limavadi Tasting and Cigar Pairing

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Island Girl Cigar Bar Fleming Island

We’re bringing Ingrid from Whistlepig Whiskey to Island Girl Cigar Bar in Fleming Island for a tasting and cigar pairing. You’ll be able to sample their incredible line up along with Limavady Irish Whiskey. We’ll have a couple of cigars that will compliment what you’re tasting or feel free to browse their full walk in humidor selection!

Plus, special guest and local cigar owners Monte DeLeon Cigars will be there with a few sticks to pair up to the rye and Irish Whiskey.

Memorial Day River Fest 2022

Spring Park

In Green Cove Springs

Missed us at the last event, then come out on Memorial Day to Spring Park in Green Cove Springs. If you missed us at Bostwick or at Jax Beach then come out May 30th and get you #whiskeymerch and let’s talk whiskey.

904 PopUP Event

Jax beach

Local Businesses, Creatives, Fashion, Artisans and Us!

We are hanging out at Jax Beach at the #904PopUp event at the Seawalk Pavillion. Come down and get your #whiskeymerch and let’s talk whiskey! See you there!

St. Augustine Wine and Food Festival


Sunshine and whiskey with a hammock!

This #whiskeyventure we ended up at the St. Augustine Wine and Food Festival(plus spirits). That’s what we really came out for. We saw our friends from St. Augustine Distillery, hung out with David and Katie from Laws Whiskey House, sample some salty caramel whiskey from Ugly Dog Distillery, then we made new friends like Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey and Prohibition Pops which tastes as it good as it sounds. Down here in Florida this is going to be a clutch summer time go to. Plus, I heard whispers from the owner that a bourbon berry is on its way before summer is over. Yeah, we’re stoked!  Can’t forget to mention Rivulet, while not a whiskey, this pecan liqueur is so tasty. We were wondering what the event was going to be like since wine was on the bill but I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised and we will be there next year! #stafwf