Review #0009 Metaxa

Who makes it? The House of Metaxa

Something totally different than we are used to. It is very smooth at 40% alcohol and definitely has fruity smell and taste. Erik could taste plums at the first taste while Kris could pin down what kind of fruit he was tasting, then after adding ice it brought out more of the botanicals. Grapes more on the finish. With a full melt Kris could taste the rose petals and Erik enjoyed it more with a full melt.

Since it’s not a whiskey we didn’t think it would be fair to rate plus being in a league of it’s own we decided to just give our opinion.

What do you get in the bottle: wine distillates, muscat wine and Mediterranean botanicals that is a closely kept secret except for the rose petals

How much: It’ll cost you about $30

A little history. Founded by Spyros Metaxa who was a silk merchant and of the day did not like the spirits of the day being to harsh and not very smooth. He then got his brother involved and built a distillery and upon digging the foundation found a medallion of a Salamania warrior and that is on the bottle today. It was first introduced as a Cognac but in 1936 Cognac was defined and it didn’t fit the bill. So it was then considered a brandy but again in 1987 brandy was defined and because Metaxa contains wine and botanicals that it couldn’t be a brandy. So it now in a class all of its own.

Currently it can be found in most liquor stores.