Rebecca Creek Blnd Whsky & Jos Magnus Cigar Blend flash rvw no. 0002

Who makes it? Rebecca Creek Distillery and Jos A Magnus Distiller

Kris and his brother Justin sit on the back porch to enjoy a smoke and whiskey on a rainy night. Justin brought Rebecca Creek which is his current favorite camping whiskey and since were also going to enjoy some stogies, the massive Asylum 13, Kris thought it would be a good idea to break one of his favs Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend. Not just one but two bottles, batch number 19 and batch 20. We discuss flavored whiskey, other camping whiskies, hiding the good stuff and leaving the ash on your cigar(the answer can be found in review 17). Plus, is there a law with the claw?

Kris said that Rebecca Creek would be a great camping whiskey, easy drinking with a brown sugary sweet taste. For Joseph Magnus, it never disappoints, went great with the Asylum 13 cigar and was better than I remember.

Justin thought that Rebecca Creek had a buttery sweet taste, went down smooth and great for camping. On the Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend, he thought it was delicious with multi levels of taste and flavor. The finish just kept on going and going. Safe to say that he was impressed.

How much: A bottle of Rebecca’s Creek will run you about 25.00 dollars while Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend will cost you about 170.00.

Anthrax XL Hillrock Bourbon 40th anniversary

Who makes it? Hillrock Estates Distillery

Mash Bill: undetermined

Scott Ian and Frankie Bello trekked all the way to Ancram New York to sample the one and only barrel that would be fit to be called their 40th Anniversary Solera Aged Bourbon. We didn’t know that Kathy and Jeff were rockers and we’re glad for it! They have teamed up with Anthrax before with Evil Twin 1 and 2. Plus, there is a Motorhead Ace of Spades Hillrock out there(which we also have, because Kris is a METALHEAD!) Super excited to get this in so that’s why Kris decided to honor it in the best way possible and make my own music video! Enjoy, I’m the man, NOT!

How much: A bottle of Anthrax XL 40th anniversary Solera Aged Bourbon will cost you 210 dollars(with delivery)

Acquisition 14yr Bourbon – Oceanside Distillery

Who makes it? Acquired from Kentucky, 24 barrels of it.

Mash Bill: undetermined

Two brothers decided they wanted to open a craft distillery and in 2018 it came to fruition in Cape Canaveral Florida! Great place to visit, for 10 bucks take the tour. It comes complete with a flight and a mixed drink. The bartenders are great and so are the drinks of course concocted from their own spirits. One of the few distilleries that carry the Fresh from Florida seal acquiring all their grains from north central Florida. Plus, they are the only distillery to use an istill, yes it’s called an istill. A non-traditional square based still that will let you ferment, mash and distill all in the same vessel! On top of that it has a jet propulsion agitator. We were lucky enough to get a tour from the owner Ron Folino who is a 6th generation wine and brandy producer in Italy.

On the nose of this amazing looking deep burgundy spirit Kris couldn’t place it and Erik put it as caramely, black licorice and hint of special K cereal. For the finish Kris got a lot of heat coming out of this 96 proof 14 year old bourbon and a taste of deep rich wheat. Erik said it was smooth, thick and buttery. After we do what we do and add an ice cube to it(or a half a bone) it changed the nose completely, in a good way! Kris got a big whiff of cherries and oak while Erik thought it was oaky and dark fruit. It smelled delicious! The finish was wonderful for Kris and couldn’t put his finger on what he was tasting and thought it have been finished in a another barrel.

Kris gave it an 8.0

Erik gave gave it an 8.0

How much: A bottle of Acquisition Bourbon will cost you 170 dollars. We both agree it’s worth it!!!