Oceanside Distillery with Owner Ron Folino

Who makes it? Oceanside Distilery

Mashbill: undiscolosed

Where it’s from: Cape Canaveral, FL

Kris travels down to the Space Coast on another #whiskeyventure and stops at Oceanside Distillery.

The owner and distiller Ron Folino takes the time to do a #flashreview of his new Double Oak Bourbon.

Ron also generously donated a bottle of his signature bourbon for our #whiskeyventure Back Pack for auction at the Jax Bourbon Social event that Whiskey and a Hammock is involved in.

Oceanside Distiller has quite a line up, from their Odysea Bourbon, Odysea Rye, Double Oak Bourbon and one that we reviewed before, Acquisition 14year Kentucky bourbon. They also have other spirits they’ve created like a Cold Brew Liqueur, Rum, Toasted Coconut Rum, Moon Dance Rum, 28 Degrees Vodka and Ocean Club Gin.

The Odysea Double Oak spends 4yrs in new American Charred Oak Cask and then 6 months in a Oloroso Sherry Cask. It is dark and oaky on the nose, on the palate it has dried fruit, vanilla with a hint of spice. The finish is smooth, robust and temps you to take another sip.

Kris did get to taste a new bourbon that is not released yet and Ron is calling it Ocean’s 11 after the Frank Sinatra movie because it has class and we think he’d be impressed! This is another bourbon Ron was able to procure 11 year old Kentucky bourbon barrel. All Kris could say that when this finally hits the shelves another #whiskeyventure to the Cape will be in order. As always, a great visit, love talking to Ron who is a fountain of information, thanks Ron!

St. Augustine Distillery Line Up and New Release

Who makes it? St. Augustine Distillery

Mashbill: 60% corn, 22% malted barley, 18% Hard Red Winter Wheat

Where it’s from: St. Augustine, Florida

In this line up we start with the Florida Straight bourbon coming at 88 proof. We taste throgh these bottles with Wll Hensler, the Chief Operating Officer and the VP of Production, Ric DeMontmollin. Will gets a rustic note, cigar box cedar, and chocolate notes and Ric added in cocoa. Kris and Erik found that on the nose was easy, woody with a sweetness to it. On to the taste with ripe red fruit, a little nuttiness with a little bit of that chocolate making an appearance. For it being a wheat forward bourbon Kris definitely thought it had a more robust flavor which the 22% barley contributes to. Most often times wheated bourbons are smooth, softer and on the lighter side. Most bourbons we have tasted stay in the 4-6% malted barley range. Ric says that wheat tends to be more single noted while corn and barley you can get more variance out of. That’s why they decided to go with higher malted barley.

Then we moved onto the Port Finished Bourbon on the nose a little bit of that higher proof came through but this time a bit more fruitier aspect still containing that sweetness. On the finish ripe red fruits, plums, raisins. Will suggests that the Port Finished pairs well with a cigar. Kris thought it had a more subtle flavor but longer on the finish compared to the Straight.

Lastly the Cognac finished. On the nose a lot of leather, tobacco then on the finish Will says he gets Red Velvet cake while Ric thinks flan has prominence. As for Kris and Erik, they thought it dried out the palate but had a solid flavor profile and a long lasting finish and were very impressed.

Ric took some new make right off the still for us to nose and taste coming in at 149 proof, man that’ll get ya if you you’re not ready. Holy smokes! That is brining on the heat!

We pose the question to Ric if there is a right and wrong way to nose and taste. He said there isn’t a wrong way but definitely taste everything and make a mental catalog of those flavors and smells!

Huge thanks to Will and Ric for taking the time and extolling their expertise! This is a limited release that only four French Cognac casks were filled for this finishing and it’s only being sold at the distillery. We highly recommend taking the tour and stopping by the shop afterwards, tasting some samples, support local and buy a bottle or two!

St. Augustine Distillery Tour with Will Hensler

Who makes it? St. Augustine Distillery Tour

A short #whiskeyventure to south landed us in St. Augustine Florida, the oldest city in the US and one of the first to bourbon distilleries to open in the Sunshine state. We meet up with Will Hensler the Chief Operating Officer to tour the distillery which is housed in an over hundred year old building that was once an icehouse and powerplant. Will gives us a little history and then we visit where the magic happens. Watch the vid to find out more about their process and how much works goes into Craft Distillation. Next is barreling, their barrels come from one of the oldest family owned cooperages and we get to see how much of that whiskey gets soaked into the staves. From start to finish it’s all done right there in St. Augustine. From milling the grains, distillation, barreling, storing and bottling! See how it all comes together and stay tuned for the review where bottles are lined up and we drag Will and Ric into the tasting room. Plus a new release!


Oceanside Distillery with Owner/Distiller Ron Folino

St. Augustine Distillery Line Up and New Release