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Whistlepig 15yr, 18yr and Boss Hog VIII

Our good friend Chris Helmly is back! This time with Whistlepig and we doing a Primo Tasting going right for the big boys! We start out with the 18yr double malt, malted rye and pinch of malted barley. Then move on to the 15yr 100% rye aged in Vermont oak, what a difference! Chris then brings out a surprise and slaps the Boss Hog VIII on the table and we get to indulge in the best that Whistle Pig has to offer. Beautiful bottles and the attention to detail is amazing. Every Boss Hog has an individually designed topper and this pig on top comes with a machete to salute Lapu Lapu because this bad boy is finished in Philippino Rum casks for a totally unique flavor!

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Whiskey Acres Straight Rye BIB review

Here comes the BOOM!  The Bottled in Bond bourbon was so good that Erik ordered the Straight Rye bottled in Bond and of course we invited the “D” back since he’s the unofficial ambassador for Whiskey Acres. We do a quick review and give our thoughts while Dan calls Erik out and Kris talks about the Whiskey and a Hammock vault. Watch the review and see how we rate it against the other Whiskey acres offerings and if we give it the Whiskey and a Hammock stamp of approval. There is a little bonus vid if you watch to the end so don’t miss it!  Cheers!

George Dickel BIB 13yr Flash Review No.0004

I head up to Atlanta for another #whiskeyventure and hang with my cousin. We head to the first liquor store we can find and low and behold I spot the Dickel BIB on the bottom shelf and I remembered my good friend The Whiskey Reaper said it was one of his new favs so we had to buy it!  What next?  Drink it!  Might as well do a flash review to boot, so we give our thoughts on this interesting 13 year old bourbon coming in at under 50 bucks!  It was a good…  we give our thoughts, talk about the Bills, #billsmafia and to look over our shoulder because no table is safe!

Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon and Murray Hill Club

ur first Christmas edition review! We put Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon up against Murray Hill Club Special Release and what a difference! This time we are very far apart and Erik worries that he was going to be the lone wolf. We talk about every whiskey guys dream and somehow apple cider vinegar gets put into play and ruins it for one of us.

Lonerider Sherry Cask Finished – flash review 0003

This #whiskeyventure brought me to Raleigh, NC to visit my bro and decided to do a #flashreview in Josh’s Power Wheel Chop Shop! We talk about dead squirrels, which shoulder is good luck to throw things over, and swirlys. We eventually get around to reviewing the local bottle I picked up of @LoneriderSpirits Sherry Cask Finish which came with a bonus sidecar of their Deadwood Finished bourbon! Josh provided the stix from his secret box in the Power Wheels Chop Shop of which I selected the Arturo Fuente Special and Josh went with the Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro. I was impressed by the bottle, check out the review and let us know what you think. Plus, stick around till the end for a couple of bonus clips of mega maid and looking tough, the Claw makes a comeback!


Whiskey Wine and Wildlife

Whiskey, Wine & Wildlife artfully combines renowned beverage tastings and inspired cuisine from some of the South’s best chefs and local culinary superstars, with a chance to experience coastal wildlife up-close, all in one weekend! The weekend’s events will raise funds and awareness for programs of the Jekyll Island Foundation, with the island’s research and education experts on-hand Friday and Saturday, showcasing some fun, interactive programs with coastal wildlife, from sea turtles to alligators!