What is a hammock?

Everybody knows what a hammock is right? Well just in case you’ve been living under a rock all your life a hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting that is suspended between two or more points that is used for swinging, sleeping or resting.

I’ll bet that you didn’t know that Columbus not only discovered the new world but also discovered the hammock. In a narrative from his first voyage, says “A great many Indians came to the ship today for the purpose of bartering their cotton, and hamacas(spanish word for hammock), or nets it which they sleep”.

A few other fun facts:

  • South America is thought to be the origins of the hammock.
  • Native Americans in El Salvador used hammocks to repel constant earthquakes.
  • Not only comfy to sleep in but also kept you off the ground and away from insects and spiders while you slept.
  • The British Royal Navy brought along canvas hammocks on their ships.
  • The US Army used waterproof hammocks during the Vietnam War.

Keep your eyes on the hammock, Chris

Types of Hammocks

There seems to be 3 basic categories. Rope – Fabric – String


We’ll start with the Rope hammock which also seems to be known as the American Style hammock. These are the ones we all know and love, the one that each of us at one time or another had in their backyard. White rope, tied in knots with a spreader bar on each end. I know, me and my brothers would hook our hand and feet through ropes and take turns to see who would be able to do a full 360.


Next we have Fabric, these provide more comfort and you’re less likely to fall out since they form around you. The Brazilian Hammocks usually fall under this category and can even make good beds. Also, in this category you’ll find quilted hammocks which takes two sheets of fabric and quilts them together over polyester fiber-fill batting giving you that cushy feel. Quilted hammocks usually include spreader bars.


Lastly are String hammocks or Mayan hammocks. These are supposed to be the ultimate in he comfort area. We have not been privy to one so look forward to us reviewing one. This is a tradition in Mayan culture which has been passed down from generation to generation. They are made by weaving thin cotton strings which remarkably are able to hold a lot of weight.


Well we couldn’t leave out your Camping/travel/jungle hammocks. These are usually light weight, pack up super tiny and made out of rip stop nylon, parachutes and other space age nano super strong materials. A Jungle hammock is basically what you’d expect to use in a jungle. A light weight contraption with an attached but net.

Other Cool Hammocks

Popular Hammock Materials:

Hammocks can be made out of rope, canvas, nylon, cotton and the infamous polyester. They can also be quilted and pillow top. Don’t forget your hammock pillow.


Of course there are hammock accessories. Everything from hammock straps, hammock stands, portable hammock stands. hammock stand wheel kits, hammock mosquito nets, hammock pillows, hammock pads, hammock hanging drink and tablet holder, drink holder stakes, and a hammock caddy drink holder.