Barrell Bourbon 2021 vs 2022 Flash Review

Who makes it? Barrell Bourbon

Mashbill: ???

Where it’s from: Barrels from all over the country

When it Started: in 2012 by Joe and Jan Beatrice, first bottle hit shelves in 2014

It is a sourced and blended bourbon that every autumn they create a very special blend of bourbons to toast the year to come. Kris and his cousin Jason each have a bottle. Jason picked up 2021 and Kris was out and about and seen New Year 2022 and decided to pick that up and proposed a head to head challenge.

New Year 2021  is a blend of 5, 9, 10, and 11-year old straight Bourbon Whiskeys distilled in KY, TN, IN, NY, TX, WY, CO crafted and bottled in Kentucky

Nice on the nose, the proof is not showing through at 113.9 and doesn’t singe the nose hairs. Moderate sugary sweet, with a little citrus and nutty on the palate. Kind of a sneaky heat. Goes down smooth and then the heat builds. With a cube it knocks down the heat making it smoother and brings more flavors and we both agree this benefits from the cube.

Off the nose, butterscotch comes through and smells sweeter than 2021. On the palate comes in sweeter and after ice the sweetness continues but we agree on the 2022 is better without ice.

These New Year bottles from Barrell Bourbon will cost you about $100 a piece, but we both agree that they are worth it. Pick one up and let us know what you think!

Barrell Bourbon New Year 2021 vs 2022 Flash Review

Barrell Bourbon New Year 2021 vs 2022

Barrell Bourbon New Year in a head to head cask strength 2021 vs 2022. Went on a #whiskeyventure up to Atlanta to visit Kris’s cousin Jason who was holding the 2021 hostage until Kris showed with 2022 to do a Flash Review. Find out more about Barrell Bourbons. An amazing blend of 5,6,7,9 and 14 year bourbons from across the country! Plus, we reminisce on fine Buffalo summers when all the rage was hitting the parks to play sand volleyball. Watch the review, find out what we thought in tasting in Whiskey and a Hammock style, neat first and then adding a cube. Let us know what you think and leave us your comments! Cheers and Happy New Year!

Clyde May’s Single Barrel, Special Reserve 110 and Rye with LC May

We have 3 brand new bottles from @ClydeMaysWhiskey to review and what better way to review it than with Clyde’s grandson LC May! Hear first hand stories of the hard working man from rural Alabama that served in WWII. After the war, started making high quality moonshine to supplement his income to take care of his wife and eight kids. The kind of man we need more of these days, hard working, take nothing for granted and put 100% in everything you do. LC brings a single barrel for us to sample along with their Straight Bourbon 110 Special Reserve and then finish it off with their newly released Straight Rye. Find out about the family tradition that LC is trying to avoid, why he would fight tooth and nail for their Rye, their new distillery that might be open July of next year in Troy, Alabama and most of all find out why Clyde May gave a damn!

Clyde May’s Single Barrel, Special Reserve 110 and Rye with LC May

Clyde May’s Single Barrel, Special Reserve, Rye with LC May!

Who makes it? Currently sourced for Indiana

Mashbill: Bourbon – 78% corn, 12% rye, and 10% barley

Rye – 95% rye, 5% malted barley

Where it’s from: Bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery

When it Started: 2002 officially but Clyde May has been distilling since 1946

He was unlike a lot of moonshiners in the area, since his reputation was attached to every bottle he produced it had to be of the utmost quality. He never sold a legal bottle of whiskey but in 2002 his son Kenny wanted to bring his father’s whiskey to the market legally and so the journey began. Now, the grandson of Clyde May, LC is the face of the company and even stopped in and shot a video with us giving first hand accounts and everything that goes into making Clyde May’s Whiskey.

The first bottle we taste is the Single Barrel Straight Bourbon 102 proof. It pleases the nose right out of the glass, a few baking notes and sweetness. On the finish, it lets you know you drank something. A little bit of the heat but still goes down smooth. Definitely something to pick up if you can find it. It’ll cost you about $50.

The second bottle is the Straight Bourbon 110 Special Reserve that won double gold at the San Francisco competition. We did more talking that tasting but it did have different profile that the single barrel but has a much bolder aspect to it and this one easier to find. This will run you about $60.

The last bottle was their Straight Rye Whiskey with mint on the nose, finishes of smooth with Erik saying it is different, different. A good rye to add to your whiskey cabinet. This comes in about $40

A solid showing by Clyde May’s and thoroughly enjoyed each bottle, with Kris’ fav leaning toward the 110 special reserve and Erik going for Straight Rye.

New England Barrel with Jax Bourbon Social and Warriors and Whiskey

Who makes it? Green River Distilling

Mashbill: 75% corn, 4% barley, and 21% rye

Where it’s from: Dover, New Hampshire

When it Started: 2020

Mark Saunders turned a hobby into whiskey company. Previously and Enterprise IT salesman covering clients in Kentucky. Avid member of the local bourbon community, selected barrel for groups and liquor stores. Then he bought barrels that were the birth year of his 4 children.

We get to hang with good friends Jax Bourbon Social, Warriors and Whiskey, and Tuesday’s Creations. Andy from Jax Bourbon Social brings the New England bottles including the event pick.

For the single barrel you get honey, vanilla, backing spice and straw. With the addition of ice brings out the sweetness and leather notes. We all agree this one is better with a cube.

The pick is a 7yr, 114 proof pick just for the JBS and it was awesome! On the nose, black licorice, and heat. For the taste it is full body, smooth, green apple, red apple and cinnamon.

The single barrel can be picked up for around $54 while the pick, which is only available from JBS, will run you about $100 and they only have a few bottles left!

New England Barrel Review

A #whiskeykrew review with good friends Jax Bourbon Social and Warriors and Whiskey hosted at Tuesday’s Creations poolside bar. Jax Bourbon Social breaks out the single barrel and then the barrel pick from their event this summer of New England Barrel Company. You’re getting a review from 8 people all at once! Like Andy says, “this is what bourbon is all about, bringing people together”. See what we think, find out more about these two amazing groups and what they do. Such a good time, let us know what you think. Follow all three of these awesome groups.

Clyde May’s Tasting with L.C. May!

Island Girl Cigar Bar

At Island Girl Cigar Bar Fleming Island

We’re bringing the taste of Alabama to Florida with Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey! Meet L.C. May as he shares distilling secrets and the legacy of his grandfather – Clyde May!
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Catered by Pepper’s Cocina
Plus, Live Music from Adam Latiff!