Jim Beam Warehouse up in flames!

A warehouse in Versailles, Kentucky went up in flames late Tuesday July 2nd. Forty five thousand barrels were lost in a structure about the size of football field and several stories high. You and I would think that would be a massive loss but you’d be wrong. That only represents about 8% of its holdings. So fear not, a Jim Beam shortage is not on the horizon. Nobody was injured and it wasn’t a rival distillery that started the blaze. It was actually mother nature, I didn’t know she wasn’t a fan of whiskey, she threw a lightning bolt and zapped the warehouse starting a whiskey inferno that couldn’t be put out. The kicker is that they are also going to fined by the EPA and possibly by the Department of Fish & Wildlife too. To the tune of what is unclear. At least for now you can still stop and purchase a bottle of Jim Beam with ease.