The Whiskey Krew

We are a social community based on our honest opinion of whiskies and hammocks. Maybe you are like us and started to dive into the world of whiskey but didn’t know much about it. It all started one day when my bro said “all I need is a whiskey and a hammock”. As soon as I heard that this image exploded in my brain and I couldn’t wait and sketched it out on a piece of paper. With this sketch we started talking and realized how little we knew about Whiskey. We talked all night, asked each other a bunch of questions which we didn’t have the answers to and figured we can’t be the only ones this clueless and there had to be others out there who were in the same boat. So an idea started to form. We have this great name, cool logo, and a camera so why not create a community about whiskey and hammocks. Take people on our journey of this vast whiskey landscape, review whiskies and everything that goes with it, news, latest events and of course… hammocks. Join us as we explore the vast and ever changing landscape of whiskey and relaxing in a hammock where you will find honest reviews from two average working class guys and hopefully pick up some insights along the way.

Personal Ethos: Build Hotrods, Ride Motorcycles, Make Art, Drink Whiskey, Love Family, All Glory to God.

Kris Kolacz

Self-proclaimed rebel and trouble maker, never been fond of rules. Full of drive and tenaciousness that drives people crazy. Fighting all my life to tame my creative streak that loves to run rampant. Father of four rugrats that drive me to my wits end and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The real anchor is my beautiful wife that reels me in when I’m way off on a tangent. Love the outdoors, riding motorcycles, dirt bikes, hotrods and hiking up mountains while grounded in a strong Christian faith.

Erik Erstad

Erik Erstad comes from the land of 1 tree, and wandering bi(z)on, North Dakota. Erik is a dad of 2 kickass kids and husband to his military sweetheart. During the day Erik drives truck for UPS. When he’s not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, going to his kids sporting events and being as active as possible. When it comes time to relax on the weekends he’ll enjoy a nice whiskey while relaxing in his hammock.

Welcome to Whiskey and a Hammock

Just the beginning

We have so much planned, from whiskey tastings, events, and road trips. So stay tuned, become a member and join the Whiskey Krew!