Clyde May’s Single Barrel, Special Reserve, Rye with LC May!

Who makes it? Currently sourced for Indiana

Mashbill: Bourbon – 78% corn, 12% rye, and 10% barley

Rye – 95% rye, 5% malted barley

Where it’s from: Bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery

When it Started: 2002 officially but Clyde May has been distilling since 1946

He was unlike a lot of moonshiners in the area, since his reputation was attached to every bottle he produced it had to be of the utmost quality. He never sold a legal bottle of whiskey but in 2002 his son Kenny wanted to bring his father’s whiskey to the market legally and so the journey began. Now, the grandson of Clyde May, LC is the face of the company and even stopped in and shot a video with us giving first hand accounts and everything that goes into making Clyde May’s Whiskey.

The first bottle we taste is the Single Barrel Straight Bourbon 102 proof. It pleases the nose right out of the glass, a few baking notes and sweetness. On the finish, it lets you know you drank something. A little bit of the heat but still goes down smooth. Definitely something to pick up if you can find it. It’ll cost you about $50.

The second bottle is the Straight Bourbon 110 Special Reserve that won double gold at the San Francisco competition. We did more talking that tasting but it did have different profile that the single barrel but has a much bolder aspect to it and this one easier to find. This will run you about $60.

The last bottle was their Straight Rye Whiskey with mint on the nose, finishes of smooth with Erik saying it is different, different. A good rye to add to your whiskey cabinet. This comes in about $40

A solid showing by Clyde May’s and thoroughly enjoyed each bottle, with Kris’ fav leaning toward the 110 special reserve and Erik going for Straight Rye.