Clyde May’s Single Barrel, Special Reserve 110 and Rye with LC May

We have 3 brand new bottles from @ClydeMaysWhiskey to review and what better way to review it than with Clyde’s grandson LC May! Hear first hand stories of the hard working man from rural Alabama that served in WWII. After the war, started making high quality moonshine to supplement his income to take care of his wife and eight kids. The kind of man we need more of these days, hard working, take nothing for granted and put 100% in everything you do. LC brings a single barrel for us to sample along with their Straight Bourbon 110 Special Reserve and then finish it off with their newly released Straight Rye. Find out about the family tradition that LC is trying to avoid, why he would fight tooth and nail for their Rye, their new distillery that might be open July of next year in Troy, Alabama and most of all find out why Clyde May gave a damn!