New England Barrel with Jax Bourbon Social and Warriors and Whiskey

Who makes it? Green River Distilling

Mashbill: 75% corn, 4% barley, and 21% rye

Where it’s from: Dover, New Hampshire

When it Started: 2020

Mark Saunders turned a hobby into whiskey company. Previously and Enterprise IT salesman covering clients in Kentucky. Avid member of the local bourbon community, selected barrel for groups and liquor stores. Then he bought barrels that were the birth year of his 4 children.

We get to hang with good friends Jax Bourbon Social, Warriors and Whiskey, and Tuesday’s Creations. Andy from Jax Bourbon Social brings the New England bottles including the event pick.

For the single barrel you get honey, vanilla, backing spice and straw. With the addition of ice brings out the sweetness and leather notes. We all agree this one is better with a cube.

The pick is a 7yr, 114 proof pick just for the JBS and it was awesome! On the nose, black licorice, and heat. For the taste it is full body, smooth, green apple, red apple and cinnamon.

The single barrel can be picked up for around $54 while the pick, which is only available from JBS, will run you about $100 and they only have a few bottles left!