Whiskey Acres Straight Rye BIB #0031

Who makes it? Whiskey Acres in Dekalb Illinois

Mash Bill Bottle in Bond: 75% rye, 25% yellow dent corn

To be bottled in bond it has be distilled in one distilling season by a single distiller then aged in a Federally bonded warehouse at bottled at 100 proof.

On the nose Erik came away with red wine while Kris and the “D” got more of the baking spices. On the palate Kris said it came in hot and then smoothed out while Erik didn’t get much of burn. Then on the finish Kris and the “D” re-invoked the baking spices with a hint of cinnamon. Erik thought it was heavy with corn on the backend and a little spice

Kris, Erik and the “D” gave it the Whiskey and a Hammock stamp of approval.

How much: This will run you about 60 bucks online if you’re not from Illinois and we’re not so we picked ours up from Seelbach’s , www.seelbachs.com