Clyde May’s Original Alabama Style and Straight Bourbon #0027

Who makes it? Sourced from Indiana, bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery in Auburndale FL. A new 60 acre distillery is being built in Troy Alabama to keep it all in house.

Mash Bill Original Alabama Style: 55% corn, 30% rye, 15% barley

Mash Bill Straight Bourbon Whiskey: 78% corn, 12% Wheat, 10% malted barley

We found out the Clyde May was indeed a real person. A WWII vet who earned the bronze star and purple heart and came back to his farm and started distilling moonshine as a side hustle. He was known for his impeccable standards, making his own stills and priding himself on the quality of his shine. He did some jail time in the 70’s for it but when released went right back to it. He made a “Christmas Whiskey” which was unaged corn shine in a charred barrel with some toasted apple slices that he gave away to family, friends and valued customers. He said it smoothed it out and made it more palatable and this is what is son Kenny May after his death took to make legit. Still not being able to be distilled in Alabama because of Prohibition laws still on the books he had to go to Kentucky where Even Kulsveen from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers and created the juice from the trucked up water and grains to produce the first 4000 bottles of Conecuh Ridge Whiskey. Clyde never sold a bottle legally and is famous for saying that “it’s better to break laws than cut corners”. Today it is the official drink of Alabama and his grandson L.C. May is the brand ambassador.

We started off with the Straight Bourbon coming in at 92 proof/46% abv and right off the rip Erik nosed apples, fruit, heavy alcoholy not an overpowerful ethanol while Kris nosed spice, cinnamon and fruit. Jarrod thought this was sweeter than the Alabama style. On the palate Kris thought it was full bodied, packed with flavor and all around good juice while Erik thought it was more ryey and did not get a lot of grain coming through. For the Alabama style coming in at a little less abv of 42.5%/85 proof Kris could definitely smell the apple especially after a little swirl and agitation, along with a spice. Don’t expect an apple whiskey, it just has a subtle hint that makes it enjoyable. On the palate Kris said it was creamy, with a little spice and smooth. While Erik said it was thick on your tongue. Jarrod said it was tabaccoey, bold and a nice bite at the end. We all agreed that Clyde May’s is a great whiskey and bourbon. Don’t pass it by and definitely pick some up next time you’re at your local liquor store!

Kris gave the Original Alabama Style a 8.0 and Straight Bourbon 8.0

Erik gave gave the Original Alabama Style a 7.8 and Straight Bourbon 8.0

How much: A bottle of Original Alabama Style will run you about 35 dollars and now Costco carrys it! The Straight Bourbon Whiskey is around 40 dollars.

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