Art of the Spirits

Who makes it? Art of the Spirits

Mash Bill: 1st: Final Run- 90% corn 5% rye 5% malted barley – 2nd: The Originals- 99% Corn 1% malted barley – 3rd: Easy Elegance- 90% rye 5% corn 5% malted barley – 4th: Krule 2B Kind 100% corn

We sit down with Richard Paul the owner/creator of Art of the Spirits and get to taste all four of these amazing bottles. We started with his best and Richard was right Kris and Erik both enjoyed that one the most coming in at 128 proof, with a nose full of spice and the finish of oak and cinnamon. The second was fruity on the nose with cherries and apricots, going down smooth with a little bit of heat that sneaks up on you, pleasantly though. The third spice on the nose again and this time Erik caught a little bit of Earl Gray. The fourth single barrel had a great nose was a little lighter on the palate with caramel at the fore front.

Kris gave it 7

Erik gave it 7.5

How much: This will run you from $200 to 70$ depending on the bottle and which store you find it in.

Richard Paul in 2016 did some research and found that whiskey was going to to be the number one spirit by 2019. He loved all that you could do with whiskey, the elegance, the labeling and since he worked with David Uhl and Danial James he decided put their artwork on the labels.