Whiskey Acres Rye Review

Who makes it? Whiskey Acres Distilling Company, Seed to Spirit from DeKalb, Illinois

At the first taste straight from the bottle, Kris thought form the first was less sweet than the bourbon with a little more spice, Erik thought it had a clean bite. Dan said he preferred the tingly tongue taste of the bourbon better. Adding the ice made it ridiculously smooth according to Erik and Kris thought it smoothed it out. On a full melt Erik thought it was too watered down and Kris agreed.

Kris gave it a 6.5 and Erik gave it a 6.8

How much: It’ll cost you about $42.99 a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle:  the mash bill is 75% rye, 25% corn – 87 proof aged in 15 gallon barrels with a #3 char.

A little history.  Jim and Jamie Walter plus Nick Nagele who are multi generational farmers who decided to make whiskey, so they did. With 16 different varieties of whiskey corn like Oaxacan green corn, yellow dent, Glass Gem and Bloody Butcher less than 10% of what they grow actually make it into their whiskey. Since they grow all their own grains and take advantage of the limestone aquifer deep under the soil they control from start to finish or what they call Seed to Glass.

Currently it can only be found in Illinois, so if you’re close by or passing through it is definitely worth the stop.