Whiskey Acres Straight Bourbon Review

Who makes it? Whiskey Acres Distilling Company, Seed to Spirit from DeKalb, Illinois

At the first taste straight from the bottle, Kris thought form the first sip it went down smooth with a strong finish, Erik thought the same. Dan said “there is no bark on this one at all”. Adding the ice tamed the finish and brought out more of the sweet corn flavor. On a full melt Erik gave it a well done and it is frickin’ good and I’d have to agree.

Kris and Erik decided to lengthen the scales and make it 1 to 10 instead of 1 to 5.

Kris gave it a 7 and Erik gave it a 7.3

How much: It’ll cost you about $44.99 a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle:  the mash bill is 75% corn, 15% winter wheat, 10% barley – 87 proof aged in 15 gallon barrels with a #3 char.

A little history.  Jim(father), Jamie(son) Walter and Nick Nagele are multi generational farmers. Jamie said “Bourbon has to be made out of a minimum of 51% corn; we grow corn here better than almost anywhere else in the world.” So they decided to make bourbon. In order to get started they watched videos, went to classes and then hired none other than Dave Pickerell master distiller to help them learn the process. Unlike most distilleries trying to get on the market they didn’t source whiskey to start instead they started selling unaged corn whiskey and a corn vodka.

Currently it can only be found in Illinois, so if you’re close by or passing through it is definitely worth the stop.