Redemption Bourbon Review

Who makes it? Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits

At the first taste straight from the bottle to our glasses, Kris thought it was smoother than expected without a harsh finish with a hint of sweet and caramel while Erik was expecting a smoky taste at the first pull but instead tasted oily and vanilla. After the addition of ice Erik liked it better without while Kris didn’t mind and tasted flowers of yore(just kidding) actually sweetened a bit and had a fruity taste. Erik thought the same and said possible apricot or citrus. After a full melt not a whole lot different for Kris and Erik could still taste the oiliness.

Kris and Erik decided to lengthen the scales and make it 1 to 10 instead of 1 to 5.

Kris gave it a 7 and Erik gave it a 6.5

How much: It’ll cost you about 27.99$ a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle:  the mash bill is 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley. MGP(midwest grain products) produced whiskey from Indiana then trucked over to Bardstown, Kentucky for blending and aging.

A little history.  Dave Schmier and Michael Kanbar started the company together in 2010. They have a small bottling facility where batch size is usually 10 barrels. The Redemption name was chosen to reflect the idea of Rye re-claiming its status – prior to prohibition when it was the #1 selling type of whiskey. They describe it as a true reflection of America’s native spirit. In 2015 they were acquired by the Deutsch Family.