Maker’s Mark Whisky Review

Who makes it? Beam Suntory

Kris found that it had a good bite straight from the bottle while Erik thought it was strong but still had a nice finish. After a couple of ice cubes it had a sweeter smell, a smell of caramel. It didn’t get much better for Kris while Erik enjoyed it a lot more with added ice and a little melt. Overall it was Kris’s least favorite so far while Erik didn’t put it at the top of his list, it wasn’t at the bottom either.

How much: It’ll cost you about 22$ a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle: The mash bill consists of red winter wheat(16%), along with corn(70%) and malted barley(14%).

A little history. Maker’s Mark began when Bill Samuels Sr., purchased the “Burks Distillery” in Loretto, Kentucky for $35,000 and in 1954 production began and in 1958 the distinctive red wax seal made it’s appearance and to this day every bottle is hand dipped.