Jameson Black Barrel Review

Who makes it? John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey Company does in their Cork, Middleton distillery whick is southern Ireland.

Erik found it great from the get go while Kris thought it was a little harsher at first and enjoyed it more with a couple of ice cubes. Both of us enjoyed it better with a little ice melt, brought out the caramel flavor and more of a rich flavor than Bushmills

How much: It’ll cost you about 40$ a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle: The mash bill consits of barley, maize and pure Irish water and then aged in double charred barrels to reveal all the hidden flavors.

A little history. John Jameson and his son took ownership of the Bow Street distillery in 1780, formally established in 1810. Jameson is the largest producer of whiskey in Ireland.