1350 Distilling Interview with Phil Bragg

We interview Phil Bragg and he tells us how 1350 Distilling started, how he got the idea, what 1350 means, and all about the military themed spirits. To create all these amazing spirits, they employ a one of kind, custom made all brass military round 100 gallon still. All this comes together with their sense of community and support for a variety of veteran organizations. Unboxing is comming up next.

1350 Distillery Tour

We had the chance to visit Colorado Springs and take a tour of 1350 Distillery with owner and distiller Phil Bragg. Everything from how their one of a kind Minute Man vodka is made from Colorado Sugar Beets to Wingman Gin with it’s special ingredient. Then on to Blue Jacket Rum, 1880 style. The custom made, steam injection brass military round looking still is worth the price of admission. People have been known to kiss this beautiful still(I won’t say who) that makes all these wonderful spirits. Lastly, the whiskey room. We get to sample all of their available whiskies. The Guardian Bourbon, Leatherneck(rye) Whiskey, Code Four Bourbon(barrel strength), and the 5 Alarm Cinnamon Bourbon that is amazing. Of course there is a full bar with signature cocktails. We had a great time, definitely recommend the tour in beautiful Colorado Springs. Coming up next, we get to do a quick interview with Phil Bragg.

Old Elk Straight Bourbon vs Old Elk Sour Mash

I picked up Old Elk Straight Bourbon, Grapevine Pick from my local liquor store(thanks for the recommendation Shlok, from Golden Ox Liquors!) and was saving it for a review but then my cousin came down to visit and brought with him a bottle of Old Elk Sour Mash Reserve Small Batch. So I had the brilliant idea to do a Flash Review. Just a quick sit down and taste them side by side and see which one we like better. The Sour Mash was part of their original runs back in the testing phase, they put 30 barrels aside back in 2013. Well… they have since decided to release some of their experiments and my cousin was the proud recipient of a bottle that only 60 made it into Georgia.

Art of the Spirits in Colorado Springs

This review comes all the way from Colorado Springs while we were on our #whiskeyventure. We met up with Richard Paul, owner and creator of Art of the Spirits. The bottles alone are amazing, each one adorned with artwork from amazing artist like David Uhl and Danial James. It the juice as good as the bottles? Watch the review and find out! We don’t just get to taste one but FOUR releases filled with beautiful brown water! We get to taste some cask strength bourbons, rum finished and even a rye! How does Earl Gray tea get involved and find out who is the beauty and who is the brains!

Copper Sky Distillery Tour, Bottling, and Interview

After we reviewed Copper Sky’s Wheated Bourbon back in December(Copper Sky Wheated Bourbon Review #0018) we called Mike Root(founder, owner and the one who sent us a bottle and sweet samples) and told him how much we enjoyed it. Mike said “come on up for a visit”. We had one thought, WHISKEYVENTURE! The amazing part is that another group down here in Florida, Bourbon and the Bible, were talking to Mike about a Copper Sky barrel pick. Then they saw our review, couldn’t believe the coincidence, asked if we wanted to be involved and of course we said YES! The vote was unanimous, we selected a 13 year light whiskey that came in at 135.3 proof and it was smooth. Plans were made to trek out west.

We flew out to Colorado, met Mike and gave us a tour. We learned Kya Coursen’s unending energy keeps the place humming as Sales Manager and Mixologist, Isaac Haefner, their head blender, explained the magic that happens in their spirit playground. Before we got to work, Mike shared a sneak peek of bourbon barreled rum they were working on and it was awesome! Slightly sweet with a punch of high proof where you might mistake it for whiskey. Can’t wait until this one is released.

Then we all got to it, bottled, corked, labeled, and added our custom label until the barrel was gone. After all that hard work we sat in the tasting room talking with local patrons and relaxed with a few cocktails mixed up by their Director of Mixology Oliver Capece which went down way too easy. We can’t thank Mike and his staff enough for letting us invade his distillery, we had so much fun hanging out we would of camped out in the tasting room all night! If you are into whiskey, we’d highly recommend heading out to Longmont, CO and visiting @copperskylongmont and have a drink and a cocktail!

Whiskey Glass Showdown

We’ve been talking about it for a while, should we change the glasses we review whiskey out of? On review #0017 of Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend, we received a comment from Zesty Cheesemaker saying “hate to say it, but I think you guys are using the wrong glassware… you’re going to need something like a Glencairn to funnel that aroma thereby allowing the flavor’s to shoot through then take a puff of your smoke along w/ it.” This spurred us into action to put some glasses to the test. We pit the Rocks Glass(the one we’ve been using so far) against the Glencairn and the Norlan. So check out our review, see what we thought and let us know what you think and the glass you use most.

Proof Artisan Distillers Mail Call Review

Not just one but we review all three bottles from Proof Artisan Distillers! Proves to be a good showing from North Dakota’s first legal distillery since prohibition. We’ll give a little background on Proof along with giving out trivia and a language lesson on bison/bisons.  Plus what to use to make a crooked furrow.  Thanks again to Joel Kath, owner of Proof for sending a package with brown water goodness.

Proof Artisan Distillers Unboxing!

Huge shout out to Joel Kath owner of @proofartisandistillers who sent this amazing package of brown water goodness. Not just one but THREE different bottles for us to be excited about. So you know what we’re reviewing this month, PROOF ARTISAN DISTILLERS! Review #19!!!

Copper Sky Distillery Mail Call

Our first mail call from Copper Sky Distiller in Longmont Colorado(unboxing on our Instagram) and then of course gave it a review. Not only did we get a bottle of their 5 year, 100 proof wheated bourbon, CEO and owner Mike Root, tossed a couple of samples in there for us which we also give a go after we reviewed the “Wheater”. The first sample was a 5 year Rye, 120 proof bourbon and the second is a Light Whiskey coming in at 13 years and 140 proof. Can you say fire in bottle! Check it out and see if we give it our stamp of approval and the stick around for the samples which one actually gets hotter when we add water to it.

North Point Bar

I traveled to Tamassee, SC to bring #whiskeykrew member Dan Manhardt a new addition for his bar from Chattanooga’s Experimental Distillery. A bottle of #chattanoogawhiskey Single Barrel coming in at 122.62 proof. I get to check out the bar that Dan built himself, learn what makes the best Highball and at 81 he is still kickin ass! After the bar review we take a cruise on Lake Cherokee with a little #bibandtucker. Can’t wait to visit again.