Jefferson’s Bourbon Review

Who makes it? Castle Brands

Kris and Erik found that straight for the bottle it had a sweet spicy smell.  On the first pull Kris thought it had a nice flavor that wasn’t overpowering without a harsh finish.  Erik took in a sweet smell and raisnins. That might of been the mixture of vanilla, butterscothch notes we were supposed to smell. Adding a couple of ice cubes Kris thought it mellowed it out nicely for a relaxing sipping and before you know it it’s gone. In the end Kris really enjoyed Jefferson’s Bourbon and gave it high marks and put it as high as 4 out of 5 while Erik gave it a solid 3.5.

How much: It’ll cost you about 29.99$ a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle:  Actually four different Kentucky straight bourbon whiskies of different ages and combining them together for a blended bourbon  at 80 proof.

A little history.  It was started by Trey Zoeller(a native Kentuckian) and his father Chet who is a bourbon historian.  How they got the name, they simply had no marketing budget and wanted a memorable name so they picked Jefferson’s and put his image on the bottle.  My favorite tidbit is that an 8th generation grandmother was arrested in 1799 for moonshining.

Maker’s Mark Whisky Review

Who makes it? Beam Suntory

Kris found that it had a good bite straight from the bottle while Erik thought it was strong but still had a nice finish. After a couple of ice cubes it had a sweeter smell, a smell of caramel. It didn’t get much better for Kris while Erik enjoyed it a lot more with added ice and a little melt. Overall it was Kris’s least favorite so far while Erik didn’t put it at the top of his list, it wasn’t at the bottom either.

How much: It’ll cost you about 22$ a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle: The mash bill consists of red winter wheat(16%), along with corn(70%) and malted barley(14%).

A little history. Maker’s Mark began when Bill Samuels Sr., purchased the “Burks Distillery” in Loretto, Kentucky for $35,000 and in 1954 production began and in 1958 the distinctive red wax seal made it’s appearance and to this day every bottle is hand dipped.

Jameson Black Barrel Review

Who makes it? John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey Company does in their Cork, Middleton distillery whick is southern Ireland.

Erik found it great from the get go while Kris thought it was a little harsher at first and enjoyed it more with a couple of ice cubes. Both of us enjoyed it better with a little ice melt, brought out the caramel flavor and more of a rich flavor than Bushmills

How much: It’ll cost you about 40$ a bottle.

What do you get in the bottle: The mash bill consits of barley, maize and pure Irish water and then aged in double charred barrels to reveal all the hidden flavors.

A little history. John Jameson and his son took ownership of the Bow Street distillery in 1780, formally established in 1810. Jameson is the largest producer of whiskey in Ireland.