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Dale’s Wheels Through Time Tour

Dale’s Wheels Through Time TourIt truly is a museum that runs! We were able to hear a 1932 Ford Dirt Track Racer roar to life(in the vid). Plus, a few other vintage bikes(not in the vid). The amount of vehicles are amazing, one offs, rare Harleys, Indians, and one of the rarest bikes on the […]

Clyde May’s Original Alabama Style and Straight Bourbon #0027

Who makes it? Sourced from Indiana, bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery in Auburndale FL. A new 60 acre distillery is being built in Troy Alabama to keep it all in house. Mash Bill Original Alabama Style: 55% corn, 30% rye, 15% barley Mash Bill Straight Bourbon Whiskey: 78% corn, 12% Wheat, 10% malted barley We […]

1792 Small Batch vs. Sweet Wheat #0026

Who makes it? Barton Distillery Mash Bill Small Batch: 75% corn, 15% rye, 10% barley – it’s technically undisclosed but we found a place that posted it so… Mash Bill Sweet Wheat: 75% corn, 15% Wheat, 10% malted barley – again undisclosed and this just our guess base on the info above The Small batch […]

1792 Small Batch vs Sweet Wheat

This time Erik does something amazing. He actually holds onto a bottle without opening it for a review. So Kris puts his 1792 Small Batch up against Erik’s 1792 Sweet Wheat. We give a little history of Barton Distillery over in Bardstown Kentucky and found out that 1792 is relatively new coming out in 2002. […]

Jax Bourbon Social 2021

In July we attended the first annual Jax Bourbon Social to fight MS. Not only did we get show up and drink whiskey, we were also fortunate to contribute along so many other generous bourbon lovers. This all took place at Manifest Distilling headquarters in down town Jacksonville, FL where you could catch Whistlepig, Grey […]