Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Who makes it? Hillrock Estate Distillery

Mash Bill: ? 63% corn, 37% rye

This was our second mail call and Joel Kath from Proof Artisan distillers sent us not one but three bottles from their distillery in true North Dakotan fashion(according to Erik). So we were up for the challenge and reviewed all three. Kris said that the Crooked Furrow smelled of sweet apples while Erik was more of a buttered popcorn on the nose. For the finish, was smooth and we both agreed that an ice cube is not needed. Then on to Harvest Blend which we both agreed was good but not as good as Crooked Furrow and that there was a flat spot on the finish. Glen Fargo was Kris’s favorite being a single malt and America’s scotch like whiskey.

Kris gave it 8.5, second highest next to Joseph Magnus

Erik gave it 7.5

How much: This will run you around $90.00 and if opt for the Motorhead edition, you’ll have to add 85 bucks to it coming in at $175.00

This big Heavy Bottle of Solera Aged Bourbon from Ancram, NY. The first distillery to traditionally floor malt their grains and solera age their bourbon all while being one of the very few to claim Field-to-Glass. This 850 acre estate that grows all its’ rye and barley is watched over by an 1806 Georgian House which was moved there piece by piece. In the barn a custom American made still, mash tun and spirit receiver designed by none other than Dave Pickerell, who was brought on by Jeffery Baker and Cathy Franklin to create something different in the world of whiskey. They succeeded!

Other products by Hillrock: Single Malt Whiskey, Double Cask Rye Whiskey, plus a Napa Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Sauternes and Cognac finishes. Plus single cask picks by Motorhead and Anthrax.